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Do you struggle to talk to your child/ren about body safety, healthy boundaries, communication, appropriate and inappropriate touch?

My Body Belongs To Me! The main character Jojo makes the exchange less awkward by simplifying the conversation about inappropriate touches, body safety, boundaries, and the prevention of child sexual abuse; In an age-appropriate way. My Body Belongs To Me! Get the conversation going in an engaging, rhythmic, educational, and entertaining way. Get your copy today and keep children safe.

Channel3 WFSB – Great Kids Highlights – CT,US Featuring Author and Co-Author, Jhayden Morrison & Larissa Rhone Interviewed by Channel 3 WFSB Wendell Edwards

Children Have Rights Too!

Children deserve to be safe, heard, and respected. When Jhayden was asked to do a class presentation, he chose to help his classmates better understand their rights, their bodies, their private areas, and the importance of telling a trusted adult if someone makes them uncomfortable. Keep children safe, join in the fight to combat child sexual abuse and sexual violence in their homes and communities.

Hey Young King, Hi Young Queen

Encourage mindfulness, help children maintain an attitude of gratitude. Help your little one focus on being appreciative and thankful for life, friends, loved ones, simple joys, and more.

Donate a bulk order of My Body Belongs To Me And Children Have Rights Too! To a local school, community center, and church.

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